Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Interpol : "Marauder"

These guys had to grow on me. When I first heard them I tried to write them off as a Joy Division knock off. I gave them a chance and heard differently. Now I find myself wishing for more Joy Division to be injected back into their sound as 2014's"El Pintor" was just not dark enough for me. I dont these guys to be happy. Things do start off differently. The vocals are higher, floating without the sardonic starkness to their narrative. I am willing to compromise with the groove presented on the opener, but I don't want them to perk up much beyond this point. "the Rover" is not a Led Zeppelin cover, though that might be a better move than the peppy energy trying to urge a garage rock dance before the more textured chorus. I am also unsure of the higher vocal tone employed here. "Complications" is upbeat , but has a more somber tone, so I don't need everything to be a dismal drone, since what they are doing here works just fine for me.

There is more hint of rainy afternoon on "Flight of Fancy".  There is enough rock to this in the drumming and the chorus is not too poppy, so we are still in the right zip code on this song. They seem to be remembering who they are more on this album as " Stay in Touch" carries the moody introspection I want from them. They gather many interesting guitar tones as the bass carries the tension beneath. The up tempo "Mountain Child" just breezes by without really engaging my ears. "NYSMAW", finds the band returning to form and is the first song that really wows , me as it broods while soaring. The vocals might not be as bleak , but the melody makes up for it , proving things don't have to be the slate gray shade I would want them to work,

The atmosphere of "Surveillance" helps the band to continue to show their various strengths as the pulse of the song flows against it. This is the sound of what I prefer to listen to when I am depressed. Which is 40 to 50 percent of the time. The skip return to their step on "Number 10" but it's disarmed by the swirling sense of sonics to the song. Not the album's best song , just not as engaging. The drumming to "Party's Over" is a little Led Zeppelin, as they excel at creating a groove. The vocals are under stated on the chorus. "It Probably Matters' is an odd blend of various pop elements run through their grayed out trans-metropolitan  filter. It works for them well. I'll give this album a 9 it's a better return to form for them.

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