Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nonpoint : " X"

It is obviously a slow week if I am listening to this. They were always par for the course when it came to the tail end of nu-metal that was transitioning into the era of Myspace.There is a more thrash feel to the opener , but in a Slipknot manner and the vocal hooks have a Sevendust feel, so they are not evolving a helluva a lot. "Chaos & Earthquakes' works off the familar bounce of nu-metal to create it's groove.The first song that connects with me is "Fix This" which has more soul and just sticks to my ears better than the first two songs. While its more melodic "Crashing " really just kinda breeze by in the background without catching my attention. They feel like the are just dialing in a formula on "Passive Aggressive".

The songs began to run together at this point. Both "Dodge Your Destiny" and "Wheel Against Will" run of the same energy, thought the latter has more tension. For what these guys do , I guess it works. Not really breaking much new ground.The more bass driven, has to Rage Against the Machine rap influence come more to the forefront with "Milestone". The vocal on the chorus bearing a more Sevendust slant in the soulfulness. The is a more melodic tone to "Feel the Way I Feel". This song works well for what they do and finds the band staying true to who they are , like it or not.

"Position One" also finds the band doing what they do to the best of their ability. I might prefer the groove to this song marginally better than the previous song. I'll give this album an 8.

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