Monday, August 6, 2018

Soundtrack to the Week vol 2

In the past I have done the iPod shuffle where I just hit shuffle mode and reviewed the songs that came up. These songs  have provided a soundtrack to my week. It's the emotion behind them that is being shuffled. This week was one where when asking "What Would Love Do ". The answer is sometimes wait. The sense of longing is conveyed in these songs which might seem out of character for me to have these largely mainstream songs on here. Many of these song are closer to pop or folk than rock . What counts is how they speak to me . Since it's my blog , if music connects with me then it's worthy of being on here even it might not be as dark as what I am normally doing. Lately my emotional scope has expanded beyond my comfort zone, but with great reward comes great risk and sometimes you just have to trust your parachute. Lyrically today most of these songs connect with me in a emotionally powerful manner. It's like the audio equivalent of being a four foot bubble of bliss. Perhaps there might be one creature whose  beauty might translates on a physical level how these songs sound.  These sing of faith in a connection that endures, giving hope in the moments of melancholy.

Lydia Ainsworth - "Into the Blue"


 Chelsea Wolfe- "Flatlands"


 Iron & Wine - "Naked as We Came"


 Ed Sheeran - "Dive"


Guns N Roses - "Patience"

 Tracy Chapman- "the Promise"


Chris Stapleton- "More of You"


 Emma Ruth Rundle -"the Distance"


Ani DiFranco - "Hearse"


Tori Amos- "1,000 Oceans"


 Taylor Swift - "Everything Has Changed"


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