Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ghost World : "Spin"

Pop doesn't have to be an ugly word. This band from Finland draws from what it meant in both the 70s and 90s. Either that or this is what it sounds like to get stoned and play pop songs with actual instruments. The vocals have a touch of Stevie Nicks in how they warble with vibrato slightly. The guitar melodies glide with single notes in a manner that owe props to the Cure. "Nice Sunglasses" might be about the summer, but the melodies remain layered with moodiness. There is more of a upbeat jangle to "Green Sixteen". There is a lighter floating atmosphere to "Pale & Blue".  This creates a very dream like haze to what would otherwise be more sugary. I can also hear some country influence mixed in here.

The indie rock side of the band gathers more momentum on "Vegetable State" to try to actual rock with blown out guitar solos. The country hints return but from a more Neil Young angle on "Gutter of Hearts". Her trembling vocals are still as delicate as always. The droning atmosphere of this song, allows theme to float over the songs pulse. The song builds up in a way that brings older Arcade  Fire to mind. "Coming Over" the first song thus far that doesn't fully connect with me. There is a brighter guitar tone to "Nightgown", that might bring the Beatles to mind. But this doesn't mean that they are fully committed to the psychedelic thing.  At times the vocals make me think of what it might sound like if Courtney Love decided she wasn't to make an album of psychedelic garage rock. Two and a half minutes in the song begins to take a weirder turn.

There's a 60s psychedelic feel to "Leave a Trace" that closes the album. It ebbs down into something with almost more of a country feel. The Stevie Nicks comparison is more prominent when it breaks down to something that leaves the vocals more exposed with less layers of sound for them to hide within.The flowing chorus of this song is one of the album's strongest moments. There is another oddly retro distorted guitar solo on this song as well though it doesn't summon the ghost of Jimi Hendrix like the first one did. I'll give this album a 9 and see how it grows on me it's very well done solid effort.

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