Sunday, February 25, 2018

Black Metal History Month- Dimmu Borgir's "Inter-dimensional Summit "

It's very seldom that I will take the time to review a single. How much is there to be said about one song? But when it's the first new song you have heard from one of your favorite bands in 7 years that is news worthy, and that band happens to make songs that are interesting enough and that varied and layer to find things so say about it . Here is the new single "Inter dimensional Summit" coming from the band's first album in 7 years "Eonian". They are nice enough to release it on May 4th which is my birthday. They used to be one of my favorite black metal bands and then they evolved into symphonic metal. The new trend for these guys are these spiked leather hoodies. Not the most cvlt thing to wear, and it seems they have had very elaborate costumes that are specially designed for sometime this go around they have a much more uniform look. At least Shagrath is not wearing white like last time. The sung chorus on this song that Shagrath is lip synching to sounds like something from a Therion album. Shagrath switches back from the lower croaked spoken voice what has a great deal of flanger on it to an articulated growl. Not as wide of a range as he heard from him on the song "Gateways".

Geir Bratland their keyboardist plays a much larger role and his synth riff at one part is very prominent, despite Shagrath continuing to insist that Dimmu is a 3 piece band. The guitar tone is where we are seeing a cleaner more commercial metal crunch and less of a black metal tone. It's actually the least heavy aspect of the song aside from the sung vocals on what is the chorus.There are some riffs which are accented much differently than what we have heard from them in the past. It doesn't just work off of a static chug or gallop. No blast beats to speak of. There is a section for a guitar solo that is actually the most aggressive and thus the heaviest part of the song. I think there is some promise for the new album. Hopefully they are not going around and telling the press that old heavy metal lie of this is going to be our heaviest album yet. There is also a less satanic vibe, sure there is a begin neon pentagram in the back ground but I can also see this adorning the stage at a Weeknd concert. Don't hold your breath for "Stormblast" that is for sure. It is however fun listening and very true to the band they have evolved into being , I think we would have been bored by now if they kept re-cycling "Storm Blast". So here the wait begins, until then you can check out the song below.


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