Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Svarts- ' Geography"

The hook of the first song is a product of great songwriting prowess that gets my hopes up for what is the come. The sugary vocals that glaze the otherwise down trodden haze of this rainy take of dream pop, give you a focal point. The song finds her meds beginning to wear off and with it come the keen focus on hooky song writing, n0ot that this it abandoned from this point on as 'Little Death" makes more of an effort in this regard despite the retro synths that might leave you feeling the sound overtakes the songs. There is more drive to "Lovely". Mood wise it reminds me of Meg Myers , It is just what this album needed to break it from the lethargy settling over it it. The melody is also more infectious, all round just the potential of this projects songwriting skills being fully realized. 

I like the atmospheric tension to gift and how the vocal melody works with it. This breaks their sound from the more uniform elements while being consistent with what they do.  'Asylum" lays the atmosphere on perhaps to thick and feels more like an interlude than a song. She sings out more on "Empty Room" and gives the song a dynamic shift  that is very compelling. This also prove she have powerful pipes when she want to put the air behind them. She is also given room to showcase her voice on "Devoid". This song is more function than fashion, so has a more conventional rock sound. They strike another balance between ambiance and songwriting with "Dead". This also allows you to focus in on the lyrics, which are better than average in terms of theme.

"Present Past" which closes the album is more organic. The strum of acoustic guitar is a nice change of pace. They still manage to keep an intensity up, though melody wise I would not say this is the album's most infectious song. It does grow on me though as will much of this album.  I will give this album a 9 for now and see how it grows on me. The more interlude like song , was the only filler , I think they just raised the bar so high on the first song I had this under a heightened sense of scrutiny 

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