Wednesday, May 5, 2021

SEVEN DAY BICUIT Countdown Special - the David Bowie Edition Day 1

Over the course of our relationship I have posted on Facebook a song everyday I am 400 miles away from here to countdown the time until I see her again. Yo Now as our lives further merge to a place where the only moment is not when but now. While this is for my wife, thank you gentle reader for coming along and watching our journey together. Since we became more than friends of 20 years , I began making mixes as a way of saying this is who I am , here are the gaps of my life you were not in and now I want you to be in them. Music is our love language. It is a collections of vibrations we share , beats of heart. Now in the last countdown it is only fitting I share my top 7 artists who actually write love songs, so some of my favorites who are more into bleakness or Satan are not present , there will always be time for that but I am never getting this moment again to celebrate where we came from and where we are going. This one should be no surprise since he is my favorite, and of course it would only make sense that in creating the perfect partner for me he would also be one of her favorties .

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