Sunday, May 30, 2021

Death is June

Once again it is time to devote an entire month to death metal. As a teenager death metal used to be one of my favorite metal genres, but then again there were not as many options as there are now. It was the only thing going when it came to bringing the evil . Bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide and Obituary being some of my favorite. This explains why I am less than impressed with bands who just try to recycle what was done before. I heard that back when it was done better then first time. Death metal is known for being hyper aggressive, almost to a fault. The roots are so close to thrash that it still offers moments for stellar song writing. This is what I am looking for, brutality alone does not a good song make. 

I am going to pull from albums I have not heard yet this year and click around the inner webs to find what I might have missed. It seems like there is a great deal of death metal coming out of Finland these days. I am going to try to go light on the death doom though it seems that trend is almost over. There are bands whose albums I have had my eyes on like Grave Miasma, and hopefully gathering my thoughts on the new one from Ghastly. If you are a regular reader here then you know I am not going to settle for a bunch of bands who all sound the same. If you go back and dig into your last black metal month , you can see for yourself this is not the case. If you click back into the past even further you can find the death metal months of years past to confirm as well. 

Right not I am listening to the new Revulsion as I type this .   So you are getting 29 more reviews of death metal, past and present, though the emphasis tends to be on what is current when I do these. This should go to show , death metal is one of my favorites sub genres, like doom and black metal since I am giving it it's own month something that can not be said about thrash, punk, hard core, sludge or power metal. It is even more fitting this year since I am living in Tampa the birth place of death metal as we know it today. Though I have so far seen very few actual metal heads here, even in Ybor City.  

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