Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Domkraft : "Seeds"

 Sludgey doom with a great deal of movement to it. The vocals are forceful in their desperate desperation. What they are depends on riffs. That is the nature of their song writing. It works better on the opener than it does on the second song, where this becomes more of a sound than a song focused thing. The vocals do not feel like they have as much form and function. The big lumbering guitar parts, might trample your ears, but what is happening that is their unique expression. The vocals are the most expressive part of their sound, thought secondary in the focus of their presentation. 

The importance of the vocals is hear on "Into Orbit" which finds them forming more of a melody rather than just howling.  The riff flows on with them feels almost as emotive. The tension to "Dawn of Man" creates a more dynamic feel. This also allows when they pound the chords all out to have a more powerful feel. The album begins to take a turn from this point , showing that the bluster of the second song might have just been their only partial lapse in creative spark. There is more of a pulse to "Tremors" which carries an almost steamy grunge like feel that reminds me of a lot of metal that came out in the 90s. 

 The last song "Audiodome" is more jamming than a focused song. Would it be fun live? Yes. Is it the compelling use of songwriting ? No though there is a darker dynamic shift going into the end. I give these guys credit, most bands try to sound like they are from Sweden, these guys are from Sweden and do not sound like, they might as well be tripping in a van in the desert. They do an excellent job I will round it down to a 9, as the vocals for what I listen to music for could have been more melodic here and there but otherwise these guys continue to do a great job with this and fans of the band will love it.

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