Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Living Dead Girl : "Exorcism"

 If you came here for the hot girl factor, make sure you stay for the music. While many bands of this sort use the sex to sell it, here that is not needed, and the eroticism is down played. I am not sure what I was expecting when I pressed play. Perhaps it was a more gothed out New Years Day".  In some ways I was not totally off base, though it is heavier, more along the line of older In This Moment, when there was more of commercial metal core element to their Myspace fueled sound.  Vocalist Molly Rennick, has more edge than sultry to her voice. She blends the contrasting vocal colors well. i prefer the darker groove on "Give Up"  over the more kinetic in your face attitude of the first two songs. That metallic energy is used as more of a dynamic than the fuel in the song's tank. The title track has some more sugar filled moments woven in that reminds me more of Poppy, in the way they contrast the heavy and get heavy like something from an anime theme song.

In This Moment is a more fitting comparison on " Dirty Liar" as their is an indsutrial strength anthem vibe to it. "Politergiest" finds them giving her more room to breath on the verses and employ a more melodic vocal color to increase the dynamic range of the album. The stacatto attack of the vocals on " Villian" gives it an almost rapped nu metal feel before the chorus comes in with a pop punk cheer, that might be too happy for my tastebuds. I had to listen to the album a second time before "Escape" really connected with me. It has a more buncing groove to it. The way the vocals soar out of this pretty much falls in with more bands that get airplai via satitllie stations .

"worship Me" well doesn't connect with me lyrically since I never take a submissive role, The song it self pounds you with the smae intensity they have already hit you with. I am more impressed with the more atmospheric and melodic direction they close the album with. I will round this up to an 8.5. While everything is executed perfectly, it is not the most original thing I have heard , though not deriivitive of one particular artist, it was a fun listen kinda like cotton candy, eat it at the circus but can not make it a part of my diet. if you are into more mainstream metal then it will be up your alley,  

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