Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Rid of Me : "Travelling"

 Somehow the fact the singer of Low Dose being in another band slipped past me. Perhaps marginally less punk on the opening track until Rosenberg gets more aggressive with her vocals as the song builds. Her voice continues to improve as this might be more melodic, really it is one of those album's where we are just going to have to wait and see how this album unravels. "23" is more relaxed with a brooding more like mid-period Sonic Youth. Her vocals are not as detached as Kim Gordon, as she carries more melody. Things pick up into a more intense attack on "Travelling: Stormier than explosive, which is not a complaint as this sounds great, just an observation how they are just doing what organically seems to fall from their instruments. 

While I am assuming their name comes from the PJ Harvey album and can hear a mild sonic correlation there is a crossroads that seems to be where hard core and grunge met in the 90s. However, " I Don't Wanna" does find that grungy punk place that still wears combat boots. "Fun" has a heavier, darker and more sonic energy to it that I like. Most of this is driven by the bass line. "True (blue)" is moodier and more melodic as the music slithers around the vocals. "Spilling" is the first straight forward punk song. "Broke Shit" is a more rumbling noisy stomp. The vocals are yelled with convincing anger. 

"Pit" strips everything down to a palm muted guitar and the dynamic vocal exclamations of Rosenberg. This takes the soft to loud explosive trick from the 90s and blows it out of the water. the song slowly expands out of this with her vocals before the guitar crashes in.  The booming thunder of the bass line that is "Dealing" feels like AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" encapsulated by the bass alone and the rest of the band just happens to join in. I will give this album a 9.5, it might one day grow on me to be a 10, but with the reviews the scores is based on where I am at with the album by the time I press publish. This is heavier than the Low Dose album, but not a huge jump. 

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