Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Devil Electric : " Godless"


This Australian band is back with more swagger and attitude. Less metallic in its intentions they have come to boogie down this time around. The use a more blues-based musing when venturing into the darker corners of their sound that owe more to the Doors this time around than Black Sabbath. When the songs give her the room to weave her youthfully belted alto into less obvious melodies that this band is at it's most powerful. There is a harder edge to the dynamics, but this ballsy tone is heavy in attitude and not metal.  When they charge forward with more drive like on the title track it meets at the crossroads where metal was separating itself from rock music in the 70s. 

There is a darker heavier mood on "I Am ". Her voice is very consistent, dynamically not huge shifts in the vocal colors she paints the songs with but makes use of very subtle hooks. You can hear metal influence like on the tense chug of this song. Clean guitar tones appear on " I Will be Forgotten". It is more of a calm before the storm as the drums kick it up into Zeppelin like groove. The lyrics to this song being the first to make me take notice. The sultry nature of her voice offers some punch to her delivery on this song. There is also a really interesting break down in this song. The groove is a little more complex on "Mindset" as the drums play around before the the Pat Benatar like chug takes over the verses.   

There is a little more attack to "Take the Edge Off' where is more of a Runaways styled rock anthem. The palm muted grooves on the verses are cool.  Things then get darker going into "Your Guess is as Good as Mine". Not the album's hookiest song, but I can appreciate what they trying to do here. I will give this one a 9, it's another solid step into solidifying their voice and proves they are not trying to put out the same album twice. 


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