Sunday, December 12, 2021

Failure- "Wild Type Droid"


I was a fan of this band in the 90s and they were always grunge for when I was too high to want to hear Soundgarden. The opening track of their newest album, which features a pristine croon that could have come from "Fantastic Planet" also clicks with me that these guys are really into Gary Numan, they just use guitars not synths.  They are also great song writers and have not lost that touch, "Headstand" has a more relaxed slink and they have yet to bring s weighty wave of distortion, but I am fine with all the above as this song moves just like it should. Everything has lots of space to breathe. The breezy ballad "A Lifetime of Joy" is a lullaby to nod out to. 

 "Submarines" is the first upbeat rock song, which I am fine with because the earlier work from these guys was more focused on being depressed before being depressed became cool. "Bring back the Sound" is a balance of their harder edge and more sedate moodiness. "Mercury Mouth" is closer to the grunge era alternative rock they came from. It is really well done and continues to show what great songwriters they are. I mean if A Perfect Circle covers you that should be a sign. "Undecided" is an even better song as the palm muted guitar creates a creepy tension. "Long Division" is almost more straight forward rock, it builds into a catchy melody amid the more emotive tones that build steam.  

I like that there is a more deliberate and darker mood to " Bad Translation". This last song " Half Moon" is a ballad that is the album's least compelling, though sounds the most like something the Beatles would have done, so I guess it depends on how you feel about the Beatles as to how you feel about this song. I will give this album a 9.5, it is stronger than the previous and calls a more "Fantastic Planet " feel maybe the world around them has the band more depressed. 

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