Saturday, December 18, 2021

Maneskin : "Teatro d'ira: Vol. I"

 There is a great deal of hype regarding Eurovision darlings Maneskin. They are glam for millennials. Their gender fluid take on rock music is ruin through a third string filter of nu metal in the way it grooves. "Coraline" is less angsty and more sung. His guy can sing when he wants to though I would put his pipes below Ed Sheeran's if we are making a male pop singer scale. Everything these kid Placebo already did better.  At times the lyrics are more rapped than sung. They are like the gay Italian version of Rage Against the Machine, though the same kids that listen to them would say their dads listens to Limp Bizkit and make fun of their more ballsy version of what is going on here. 

"I Wanna Be Your Slave" is musically better, but typical of their demographic when he sings he wants to be the salve and the master, he does not know what he is talking about or sure of himself to know what he wants. The stupid lyrics do not ruin the song.  The most beefy guitar tone so far is in the grungier guitar of "In nome del Padre". The rapped lyrics pretty much ruin the cooler tones that set them up.  They have potential as we hear on "For Your Love", but the are not focused on the parts of their sounds that are the strongest, here is where a producer should have given them more self-awareness. 

"Fear of the Dark" finds them more like Panic At the Disco which is a pretty fair barometer of who they are the most like The last song is a power that finds the the phrasing of the vocals awkward. While I can appreciate the grit to this guys voice, aside from "For Your Love" none of the melodies really do much for me. The fact they do not sing in English will lower the ceiling of sucess for them in the states, which given their gender dysphoric image the time was right for a band like this. I  will give this album a 6 is is more hype than substance. 

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