Saturday, December 11, 2021

Panzerchoclate " Postal Punk"

 The opening track of this New Hampshire band's new album does have a punky kick to it. Even a metallic hard-core attack to the break that resolves the bridge. Melodic female vocals fuel most of the song to offset this. "Mo Money, Mo Pasta" is a great song title, it is also more melodic. there also more hard-core shouted vocals to offset her more sugary emotive voice.  There are more musings of introspection to provide a contrast to the angrier dynamics employed on "Skin". When the male vocals gain more of a foothold on 'the Crawl is For All" it proves not to be the most winning combination for the band as it's Marina's voice that gives this band it's best face. I do appreciate the 90s vibes I am getting though. 

Lyrically this album is very clever. The lyrics to "I Like How You Play Hard Core" being among the album's strongest, the irony is the song has more in common with indie rock than hard core. There is more of a punk shift halfway into the song, but I would not call it hard core. Perhaps something else might be said about the violent tension to the more explosive "Halitosis" I like the angular quality to the riffs. Then on "PVD Eat Your Heart Out" we hit a weird form of indie rock. The melodies glide with an awkward slowness over purposefully disjointed math rock.  "June" is a very weird turn into a experimental indie rock that is more electronic than organic instrumentation. To offer a dramatic contrast to this we get the 52 second "Nutsag" which is more hard core. 

"Canary in a Coalmine" is not a cover of the Police song/ This is funny because the interplay of the guitar and the drums often feels very Police influenced but that could be said of many emo bands from the 90s like At the Drive In.   This is one of their more refined and adventurous songs. The last song finds them closer to hard core, their is a slight Fugazi tinge though more metallic in the guitars attack.I will give this album a 9. It's excellent and these guys are band to keep your eyes on in years to come if you want a revival of this kind of 90s post -hardcore at the proto emo cross roads.   

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