Saturday, September 29, 2018

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats : " Wasteland"

When it comes to the retro style of stoner rock these guys feel like the Rob Zombie version of that as things have had a pulp horror feel to them. Their hippy side tends to win out, but this album finds the normally hard rock band leaning into a more Sabbath style of metal. The first two songs have a catchier swagger and chug to them, the second one a little more of an attack. Then things change as They get darker when they slow down for the creepier "No Return". They have more of a harmonized guitar attack that takes you back to the NWOBHM , with the upbeat "Blood Runner" calling Iron Maiden. I guess if you are a band that comes anywhere near metal and are from Britain Maiden is hard to ignore. So far this is their most aggressive album to date.

They revert back to the more go-go 60s garage rock I remember these guys by. It's a well enough written song and very energetic it just doesn't have anything that stands out to me so I am glad it's not an entire album of this. I was not expecting the title track to be a strummed psychedelic song, but for what it is , they do the job pretty well falling somewhere between Pink Floyd and T-rex. "Bedouin" is in some ways more upbeat, up it has a bigger more sweeping sound and is an incredibly well written song and probably the best not only of the album, but that I can recall hearing from these guys.

The last song "Exodus" reminds me of a slowed down narcotic version of Black Sabbath's" Hole in the Sky". The previous song is so good it impacts this one and dulls the effect it might have had if placed earlier in the album. I'll give this one a 9. It might be the strongest effort yet from the band. If you are a fan you might even round it up, but I will have to see if I am going to really give it the chance to fully grow on me.

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