Friday, September 21, 2018

Vanishing Kids : " Heavy Dreamer"

These kids might not be the first band that has flirted with doom metal elements while embarking on another path. Bands like Messa and King Woman come to mind in this regard. This band features former members of Jex Thoth and draws influences from a wider web. The over driven guitar waking sluggishly from the hazy murk that is "Creation" recalls the retro vibe of  occult rock while bathing with lusher atmosphere. Despite the occasional rock god guitar solo that puts it's foot upon on the monitor to remind you where they came from, both the title track and "Without a Sun" both sound like they could have come from 4AD's catalog in the late 80s. The latter being darker while carrying a serpentine groove.

There is a burlier more metallic tone to the guitar that kicks up "Mockingbird". This is not the heaviest doom album you have ever heard. There is no reason to use the words crushing to describe anything going on here. But these are really well written songs that have a great mood to them. Much like artists Chelsea Wolfe or Emma Ruth Rundle, who appeal to fans of metal, I think these guys are on the harder rock end of that spectrum. I can hear traces of Siouxsie in the vocals as much as I can here Stevie Nicks or Grace Slick, so the cauldron of influences has been well stirred to create a brew of their own making. The doom undercurrent of what they do can be felt more on "Eyes of Secrets" ..

The first hint of anything Sabbath like does not surface until "Reaper". It's mainly in the hammer on of the guitar, with other more traditional doom nuances scattered. This is also the first time it winds into something that is more of a jam than a song with a clear cut direction. The vocals kind of soar and float more than form hooks. The tempo changes in one section, but is not really defined. It sounds good and as far a guitar solos go they are pretty great if you are into that kind of thing. It's like a weird cross between Sade and Jimmy Hendrix meeting over an acid trip on "Rainbows'.. There is a lighter dreamier tone to "Magnetic Magenta Blue" . The song begins to take form following a collage of trippy sounds. It's a little darker when the vocals come in. Three minutes in things get doomy again.

This album has heavy moments, and the guitar solos shoot for a more metal mark in how they aggressively go big. I would not call this a metal album it is a piece of dark psychedelic rock that occupies its own interesting space I'll round this one up to a 10 as the pieces of songs that did not click on first listen will grow on me as the over all mood of the album and the picture they paint here is pretty remarkable. .Svart Records is releasing this November 30

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