Monday, September 24, 2018

the Weekly Play list VOL- 8 Sonic Temples

Many of the past playlists have focused on either a particular artist or theme. This time I am going more for the sound of the soul. I wanted a departure from the more conventional forms of popular music consumed by the masses. Music is a universal language . This phrase has been said many times with not defined meaning to it. So what I have done is complied some of my favorite genre defying artists though most would be considered folk music of their cultures of as Brendan Perry said when I saw Dead Can Dance live “We’re going to play you a cover song, it’s about 500 years old” . So this is music that defies trends . None of this would make commercial radio, as it’s not about hooks it is about sounds that connect with the spirit.

 It is believed by some that “om” is the vibration caused by “the big bang” . Setting into motion matter from spirit. I am not going to debate metaphysics on this blog , I will save that sort of thing for Cvlt Nation. If you have followed my work on Cvlt Nation then you know I am out of the broom closet when it comes to my interest in the occult. So these are songs I find fitting for ritual. They range culturally from Egypt to Norway , yet hold the same exotic current. It hits you somewhere between a drone and slither. So if music is a language this is not for the consuming masses , but getting in touch with a transcendent place beyond the mundane. Enjoy, happy journeys.

Wardruna - "Hagal"


 Dead Can Dance- "Yulunga"


Peter Gabriel- "Of These Hope"


Hang Massive - "Once Again"


 Zywiolak - "Hela"


 Heilung - "Alfadhirhait"


 Anna Von Hausswolf- "the Mysterious Vanishing of Electra"


 Folknery - "Karchata"


 Natasha Atlas & Trans Global Underground - "Ali Mullah Lament"

  Odo Ensemble - " Nami Nami"

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