Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Weekly Shuffle

Content  has been a little sparse, been going through some stuff this week, aside from two or three songs I have listened to on repeat, today is the first day I have been able to listen to music, so for this shuffle, its going to be on the therapeutic side and hitting shuffle but only stopping on the songs that match my current, as other music seems to aggitate the skin which it doesn't feel like I'm wearing.

"Last Night I Dreamt, That Somebody Loved Me" by the Smiths

Any good depressive streak needs the Smiths. The frequencies of this song are really what registers with me, the guitar tone is rather soothing. No hope no harm just another false alarm

"the Way We Used To" by Chelsea Wolfe

Pretty much have been just listening to the same three Chelsea  Wolfe songs this week, which is going to throw her like up over the Smiths on my Lastfm.

"Shaken" by Death of Lovers

Despite the fact I can not under stand the lyrics through all the reverb on the vocals , this song fits my mood perfect. The murkiness is bittersweet.

"Numb Hand" by True Widow

This one is tolerable Because of the the pacing. The lyrics don't really resonate but the low frequency and sluggish nature of this song does, it drags like  melancholy with out moping.

"The Same Deep Water As You" by the Cure

Their guitars tones are comforting. Robert Smith's voice always resonates with me as emotional truth.   This makes his lyrics hold more weight. The guitar melody that bridges this together is genius.  The lyrics to the second verse are better.

"Start of the Break Down" by Tears For Fears

This song is almost to happy, the 80' s keyboards are playing around more than the Cure's , this seems less personal lyrically as well. It is like all of their songs incredibly sung.

"Her" by Swans

The trance like element to this song rings more true than the lyrics. This song is pretty delicate for these guys and more hopeful than most. Almost like the Cocteau Twins until the distortion crunches down to bring a more ominous cloud .

"Humiliation" by the National

This album sounds great and was the first non Chelsea Wolfe album, I listened to this week. The lyrics to this song don't register as much with me as others on this album.

"In Your Nature" by Zola Jesus

She's always good for these moods, there is something yearning about her voice. A desperation she manages to capture against the always sparse backing, I want a new electronic album from her. By the end of this song it builds up into something more happy than I can relate to.

Death Reflects Us" by Beastmilk

This is about the most upbeat song I can handle, the album overall is dark enough and perhaps other songs might have even more lyrical relevance with me.

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