Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Enter.. the Weekly Shuffle

It amazes me how popular this column is, I just review the first ten songs that pop up in my iPod and this gets more views that reviews of bands you would are big enough to compete with my iPod. It must be the power of the nameless kitten god from the abyss that makes it so.

"All I Want" by the Cure

The kitten gos is already at work, as all Robert Smith wants is to be an animal, hold you like a dog.. or doll. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss me  is a darker album than it gets credit for, sure its not Pornography, but there are some great drug coated guitar sounds.

"All That May Bleed" by Watain

A week ago someone said one of the silliest things I heave heard , that they don't like Watain, but like Dissection. So what you are really saying is that you don't like Erik's personality, as they take themselves much more seriously than Reinkaos. Watain blasts it in the more traditional second wave of black metal fashion. Dissection influenced these guys, and Erik even toured with them, so it's hard to separate the two at times, though the sonic scope of what they do is darker than Dissection in my book.

"All the Madmen" by David Bowie

Here Bowie, gets into some Syd Barret like prog but with T-rex powered guitars. This was next level shit, even though it might sound like typical Blue Cheer 60's rock.The bass line has crazy groove that wanders all over the place.Bowie was using Pink Floyd  as the template for what experimental was.

"All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" by Bauhaus

Oh to be.... this song is a fitting follow up to the Bowie as you can hear that era of Bowie's influence on this song. It's one of Murphy's better melodies, live his voice really kills it and this song shows a wide spread of this range and defies the typical goth spookiness.

"Alavartr" by Emperor

This song really shows what I think Emperor is about and that much more than blast beats alone.It's pretty much just and interlude , but has some great guitar playing that leads into the atmosphere.

"Don't Swallow the Cap" by The National

This album came out and I intended to review it for Soletron as I thought it was too mainstream for this blog and was prepared to rip it a new ass hole , but it surprised me and now it is still growing on me and I love it, though they are playing some festival with a bunch of hippie teeny bopper bands I hate so don't hold your breath for a live review.

"Dreamer" by Chelsea Wolfe

Back on her first album when she wrote rock songs ...or sorts. Sure she is getting played on trailers for "Game of Thrones" , but it doesn't mean anything to me, she is not a sell out and at her heart she just writes songs, this is a good example of that fact ,when she tried her hardest to be normal. This has an almost 50's doo-wop feel.

 "the House That Pain Built" by Killing Joke

They are well into their industrial phase here, and Ministry really need to fork over some of their royalties to these guys. The melody on the chorus is pretty awesome, the backing vocals work where I normally don't like gang vocals.The stiff guitar here works, in the same way it works for Kmfdm.

"Houses of the Holy" by Led Zeppelin

Well if it wasn't for all the occult references this song would be almost too happy for me. There is some good guitar playing on this, but it's Jimmy Page so how could it suck? Unless I guess it's the Firm, but I still like the song "Radioactive".

"Generation Landslide" by Alice Cooper

The lyrics are great , if I was looking to slough off some gigs taking up space and had to clear out some Alice Cooper, this might not make the cut, but her has so many great songs, the chorus is mine but it is a little Beatlesque and has more happy notes than I like from him.



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