Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Return of the Mix Tape

Mixtapes art a lost art form. When I liked a girl in high school, rather than writing a 'Do u like me" note to leave in their locker I made a mix tape with my phone number and gave it to them in the hallway. Granted this made me look more like a freak, as it was always King Diamond, Slayer, Gwar and other  bands that were either Satanic or dressed up to sound like they were from a horror movie. Not saying it never worked ,but if I had drawn a sober breath in those years, I might have tried difference music. 

Now as an adult  not only do two million people read what I have to say about music every year in the varied blogs I write for as a music journalist , but  I also have my very own blog that I make what ever the fuck I want. So I am making a mix tape, as you will hear it's varied assortment of sundry music with the one thing in common being it's dark. That is the one thing most of my music has in common...yeah there is the whole Taylor Swift thing , but we can talk about that another time. Anyways dear reader I did not make this for you, unless you got a text from me saying I did in that case ignore this sentence, but the rest of you still still derive enjoyment from this collection of tunes and walk away with your virginity intact. 

Igorrr- "Downgrade Desert" 

Kylesa - Tired Climb" 



Chelsea Wolfe - " Iron Moon"


Sound VVitch - "Like Leather, Like Flesh" 


 Fistula - "Destitute"


 Code Orange -"Who I Am" 

Strvngers - " 976-Evil"


 HEALTH- "Strange Days"



 Jazmin Bean- "World Wide Torture"



Spirit Box - "Holy Roller"


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