Sunday, September 27, 2020

Haim : "Women In Music pt 3 "

 In the 70s there was music that was not quiet rock , but not pop either like Carly Simon, that was called adult contemporary . In the 90s artists like Sheryl Crow, who would have been labelled this got lumped in with alternative, though what was she the alternative to. The opening track from this album finds these sisters maturing in to adult contemporary. There is some groove but not enough to be pop. The Fleetwood Mac influence they have not been able to shake is once again making itself known on the second song. I think I preferred their moment pop side that I heard before going into this, but the songs are well crafted. It's the Eagles like guitar tones that put me on the fence.  Wanting a more electric feel is normally the opposite of what I want. They do begin to move in that direction on " I Know Alone" . This aso moves the vocals in a place where they a hookier and more smartly crafted. 

"Up From a Dream" goes back into the more rock n roll mode, but with modern production. The vocals are always dialed in. It might grow on me, but musically it reminds me of Paul Simon until the chorus. I get the best of both worlds with "Gasoline".  '3AM" is poppier and in turn a better written song. I love when they bring in the touches of disco. The disco tendencies also color the smooth groove of " Don't Wanna". Here is where they really get to work their vocal magic. Nothing diva like, just working within the confines of the song. There is a reggae touch to "Another Try" this is however balanced out by a pretty decent chorus. The guitar tone on "Leaning On You" is totally Lindsey Buckingham's. The vocals cruise along smoothly with it and Fleetwood Mac is not putting out music these days so I will let it slide. 

"I've Been Done" doesn't resonate with me as much as it finds them in more of a Sheryl Crow direction. I cna however support the turn to a more stripped down Joni Mitchell sound with " Man From the Magazine". The pop elements return for " All That Ever Mattered" .  This is the first that really has that hip hop style production pop music has gone towards these days. The vocals are more thought out though. There are some bonus tracks that pretty decent but I am going to count "Fucked Up But True" as the last song. Which is stripped down and well written. I will say the bonus track " Now I'm In It' is good enough to sway me into rounding this one up to a 9.5 . 

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