Friday, September 18, 2020

Dwaal : "Gospel of the Vile"

 Ok after this no more doom, until our doom month in November. After a death in the family this week, I needed some doom. Not only doom , but doom like this with a beautiful throb to it. This band from Norway succeds. Like the more gorgeous moments of Mournful Congregation's "the Book of Kings" married to Jesu. There is a sweeping sense of cold to the massive sonic expanse of their sound. There is a more overt metal pounding to the seonc song that finds low death metal growling taking the spotlight. You can still understand the lyrics . The title track finds the vocals taking on a more siister rasp. The music lingers with a more threatening tension before they throw you off by going into a clean sound. Yes! surprise me that is what I want. I want to hear things that I did not see coming. Beautifully balance sonic grace with opression on this song. Tryly wonderful sound here. The song gains momentum, and makes you forget they have stolen away with you for almost fourteen minutes. I do not mind long songs if they do it wisely like they do here. 

They have a more sludge like stomp going into " Obsidian Heart Burns" .  The vocals take on a meaner snarl that is more discernable. There is a nice melodic droning section, but they largely sound like more of the status qup sludge bands. The album does take a tunr in a more Neurosis meets death doom direction. The creepy lead in to "the Whispering One" gives a break from the more overt metal attack. This song took me a few listens to really pay attnetion. There is a slight angular twist to the verse riff. The vocals are some what black metal in the way they deliver their mallice. It is yet to be as compelling as the first few songs. 

The clsoe the album with the massive "Descent' this song does a better job of blending the sound I loved when this album started and the more Neurosis like direction is goes in midway into things. It is still really good as the fact it's 16 and a half minutes doesn't bother me. I know Neurosis has many sounds over the years os when I refer to them here I am thinking more "Times of Grace " era,. Not as intense as "Through Silver and Blood" 


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