Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums: 10 to 1

Here we are at the final top ten of our The Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time.

10- Dissection-Strom of the Light's Bane

This Swedish band bridged the thrash with black metal.


9- Dio - Holy Diver

Last In Line is a great album and it set Dio apart from the other bands he had sung for, but Holy Diver is tighter more dynamic song writing.

1988-Hatross Cover

8- Voi Vod- Dimension Hatross

Light years ahead of it's time this sci-fi based Canadian thrash band took a turn to

7- Slayer -South of Heaven

Sure Reign in Blood is a great album, but this is where thrash got it's groove back .


6-Ozzy Osborne- Diary of A Madman

Blizzard might have the hits but Diary is darker and harder. The title track alone sets it apart from his first solo album.


5-Mercyful Fate-Don't Break the Oath

The vocals on this blow the other Fate albums out of the water and the guitar tone is fuller.


4-Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny

They go beyond just rock to more dark and progressive place here.


3- Black Sabbath- Sabotage

Not the tired old greatest hits, but a drug band who dabbled in rock.


2-Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast

For any one who wants to say Dianno era is better, none of the songs could have seen the light a day with him singing them.


1-King Diamond - Abigail

This album has every element you could want from a metal album, blazing leads, amazing drumming and some of the best vocals ever recorded with the power of Halford , but delving in much darker places. The heaviest of his solo work.

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