Saturday, December 19, 2020

Mix- Tape Mania - Songs of Faith , Lust, & Emotion

For me music is the best love language. It has many levels . The more obscure the song , the more deeply embedded in the fabric my life it. An artist released it , they may or may not have had more than cult status at best  and I am the one who carried it around with me like a secret. Any body can say "Oh, have you heard the new Taylor Swift" . While I might love Tay Tay, it's out in the world as a staple of pop culture, there is little risk involved with wanting some one to check it out. My therapist pointed out  intimacy is a high risk high reward proposition . It the " Yeah, I am a weirdo into these post-grunge metal bands from the late 90s, that no one listens to, and you might not even dig it , but it's me and woven in the fabric of my life, and for me to be real and show you who I am well here ya go"  Music is the picture within a picture of the memories that constructed us.  I was a depressed junkie when I was listening to more than half of these, and that might not be the most flattering time of my life , but it helped me get where I am today and here is what that sounds like. 

Therapy ? - "A Moment of Clarity"


Lollipop Lust Kill- "Like a Disease"


 Sense Field - "Different Times"


 Pist.On- "Gray Flap"


 Far- "I Like It"


 Life of Agony- "NEG"


 Forget Cassettes - "Lonely Does it'


Afghan Wigs - "What Jail is Like" 


 Only Living Witness - " Strata"


 Sugartooth- "Between the Illness"


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