Thursday, December 24, 2020

Faith's Durty Durty Mix


I promise this is the last one of these for today then I am going to git writing fo real. Do no let me goth tan fool you I know me some hip-hop. And I will even start typing in ebonics. The person I am making this for should appreciate this , and perhaps you too gentle reader might want to slip sum of dat purple juice in your egg nog and try twerking in a stand stand. Oh I can do it so do n't worry about me . 

Big Boi - " Kryptonite"


 Tech N9NE - "Fuck Food"


 G- Eazy - " No Limit"


Jim Crow - "That Drama"


 Petey PABLO- "Freek a LEEK"


 q-Tip Vivrant Thing"


Kilo- "Love in Ya Mouth"


  Miguel - "RAN"



  Three Six Mafia - " Tongue Ring"


 Future- "Fly Shit Only"


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