Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mix Tape Mania : Headbanger's Balls Edition


If you are a regular reader here , then know I have started back reviewing actual albums. I know I am doing a mix tape a day , I can not help myself at this point, it is harder to focus on blast beats and growling vocals when I am floating around with cotton candy biscuits in my head. But I have said it before and will say it again . This is my fucking blog so I write whatever the god damn hell I want, right not this is what I want, Feel lucky is this for someone and I am sharing it with you guys, not to diminish the importance of what I am sharing with the actual intended audience. On previous ones I have made play lists of  hair metal or emoish metal , but aside from Queensryche on the hair metal one not much in terms of actual metal, so I decided to throw some actual metal , perhaps not the heaviest by today's standards , but maybe we will get around to that, not sure I am really feeling songs about kissing your mother's decapitated head as my head in more along the lyrically lines of these songs today. I have not jerked off in two days so that might be feeding into this more cock rocking metal . 

WASP- "Fuck Like Beast"


 Iced Earth - "I Died For You"


 Diamond Head - "Sucking My Love"


 Kiss- " Keep Me Comin"


 Motley Crue - " Starry Eyes"


 Alice Cooper - " You're My Temptation"


 Judas Priest - "Eat Me Alive"


Scorpions - " Animal Magnetism"


 Black Sabbath- "Keep It Warm"


 Pantera : " Pussy Tight"


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