Monday, December 21, 2020

Mix Tape Mania : the High School Hair Metal Edition

In high school ,much Like notes in the locker ,  the awkward love language of teenagers was fairly limited. and for me the next was a mix tapes. were the next step.  I had to really like some one to make one. As we have discussed in recent versions of this , there is an intimacy in sharing music that is part of yourself. In teen years the range of musical expression was limited to metal. The more hair metal side of the equation was more sensitive and sexual than say Metallica or King Diamond, which at the time I was certain girls would not like so this is not just a good example of what I would send during this time period but pretty dead on recreation. SO this is me sharing the 14 to 16 year old version of Wil 's crushing. Sure now I am more emotionally developed and more sure of what I want and like. 

WASP - "Wild Child"


 Lita Ford - "Back to the Cave"


LA Guns - Sex Action"


 Ratt- "Body Talk"


 Queensryche - "Wanna Get Close to You"


Aerosmith- "What it Takes "


 Van Halen - "I'll Wait"


 Guns N Roses - " Think About You"


 Motley Crue - " You're All I Need "



Skid Row- " I Remember You "


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