Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Death Valley Girls : " Under the Spell of Joy"

Not sure how this one slipped under the radar. Things have changed as they drugs they are getting must have gotten stronger the first song almost sounds more like Hawkwind , with the flourishes of saxophone. They have gotten some help this time around with a two guest keyboardist and a saxophonist. The second song is less tripped out than the opener and more of a bob your happy go lucky rock n roll ditty. The title track has more of a groove to it and hooks you in. This album is not as dark as the second song with a more upbeat mood despite the message of the lyrics is "Bliss Out" . Lyrically they remind you that we are all going to die. The Satanic subversive underpinnings are more subtle this time around. 

I enjoy as things begin to slow into a more hypnotic tripped out mood with songs like " Hey Dena". They meet in the middle with the new range of sounds on "the Universe' which slightly more Roxy Music. The two songs that follow this more tripped out turn are more jangly variations of straight forward rock that are not as dark. "10 Day Miracle Challenge" is fun. The guitar tones on this album are very raw. The production is also worth noting at it is rough around the edges but still very lush. I think this warmth gives the sonics of the album a lighter feel. Then things do get a little darker for "I Would Rather Be Dreaming" . Her vocals feel more emotive here. 

I am picking up hints of T-Rex and the Rolling Stones by the time we get to the last song. I guess the Velvet Underground applies to the droning nature of the guitar. I will  l round this up to a 9.5 and see how this grows on my.If you smoke pot on a regular basis I will click for you faster . This is a change for the band , but mature growth as to stagnate would have been the nail in their coffin in the valley. C


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