Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Mix Tape Mania- the Punk Goes Pop Edition

If you are just an innocent bystander who is a regular reader of this blog, and notice there has been in uptake in me making these sappy mix tapes , I am not sorry because it is my fucking blog and I will use it however I fucking want , With that said I have a soft spot for the Punk Goes Pop albums , they were just a whole mood this morning, so yeah I am doing the whole note in the locker thing, but oh well, they are good songs so if you are caught in the cross fire of this exchange , enjoy it anyways and keep reading. 

New Years Day : "Gangsta"

  Living in Fiction- "Love me Like You do" Volumes : "Hold On We are Going Home" We Came as Romans -
Glad You Came" We See Stars - "Till the World Ends"  

  Pierce the Veil - "Just the Way You Are" I Prevail- "Blank Space" Issues - "Boyfriend"

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