Saturday, December 5, 2020

Brendan Perry : " Songs of Disenchantment"

Brendan Perry , one half of Dead Can Dance from out of nowhere dropped a new album. It's an album of underground Greek folk songs. He is  Dead Can Dance, he does what he wants with no fucks to give. It is not that different from his normal solo work. Perhaps not as dark. The most impressive things is how he layered his vocals. He pulls off almost a tenor vocal harmony. For a dude his age to have those pipes , um wow. He is indulging his obsession with all things Greek, and there are according to him to recorded versions of these songs being sung in English. The melody is a little weird to the second , song but I imagine that is how it was originally sung or the translation over into English doesn't fit as smoothly. Of course the album sounds great, this guy is a legend he is not going to put out anything of inferior quality. 

"In the Basement" is where he starts his exploration of Greek Trap folk. Where he sings about bow legged mother fuckers getting hot boxed. I am only half joking. The trap thugging continues with "Hash Den Owner" . He is smoking the hookah, and I think he was really stoned when he made this album. 'O Memetis" might be about a girl that never likes the memes he posts. This is becoming a concept album about him smoking hash. This continues but with a better groove to it on "In City's Hammam". If I am bobbing my head to Greek folk you are doing something right. "In Your Neighborhood" is about him getting drunk. He is drunk dialing some girl who blew his mind. " You Were Barefoot" sound like they were getting increasingly drunk as the album progressed.

'the Pickpockets' is about the hard time they are having with the cops. They are asking the police to not beat them for stealing. These song work best when he leans into the moodier side of their exotic nature. This is much more gangsta than Dead Can Dance and I did not realize he smoked like that. It is also not as dynamic, though you can hear how it is still within the sonic scope of what Dead Can Dance does. I will give it a 9. 

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