Saturday, November 30, 2019

November Doom - "Kook :"II"

Their is some buzz about their fuzz. While this album does sound great. It's warm and organic. I am less concerned with what pedals they play with and more interested in the songs, which also happened to be pretty fucking kicking as well. The are not the slowest or darkest doom. There is more Cream and MC5 influence than Sabbath, at least on the first song. I like the way their singer croons. Yes there effects on pretty much everything. It sometime could pass as rock n roll ,though it is still heavy even when doing that. "Chains" gets more blues oriented. This does not mean the song is any less dark or gritty because of this. It might be even ore brooding and sinister. The vocals make me think a little of the Melvins. Dynamically it shifts into some thing that borders close to metal. The dragging blues feel to things  makes it feel doomy without being metal.

"Left Behind " retains that blues coating . This song takes them in a darker direction than they were already, this is given a edge with a lower almost growled vocal in places. "Human Container" makes even more of an argument in the direction of doom, as the dreary bass line drives it slowly allowing the warbling vocals room to do their thing.  It has more of a groove than some of the previous songs. "Frequency 8" is like if King Dude wrote a song for the Melvins to jam with the Stooges on.

The last song "Chased By Monsters' is even more crazy. The vocals rant and rave a little more. There is still a Melvins like thing going on here. It gets more metallic when it builds up tempo by the end of the song.  I will round this down to a 9, as it's not catchy, it is dark and I like the vibes . I will have to see if this grows on me, but even as is this album was a lot of fun. It is on the noise rock punk tinged side of doom, but that works too.

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