Saturday, November 11, 2017

Report to the Dance Floor - Taylor Swift : "Reputation"

So rather than my normal review format I am going to rank these songs from most mediocre to the best none are terrible, but here is a look at why this may or may not live up to her previous work.


The vocals are way up front with a beat that is not substantial enough to support. If this album had been produced as well as "1989" it might have stood up better.

13-End Game -

 I like when Ed Sheeran is rhythmic in his approach , but rapping is not he forte  nor is it Future's on this song that feels very dialed in from him.

12-Call it What You Want

So Taylor is taking on a more hip hop approach to the vocal and the song face the problem most of the album does...a track that offers no support to what she is doing, but doesn't have the clutter of "End Game"

11-Getaway Car- 

This song reminds me of "Out of the Woods", the problem is the more minimalist production style of this album does give the vocal an interesting enough backing track to propel it.

10- King of My Heart-

While the beats on this song are more interesting than "Getaway Car" the vocal drifts around the 808 beat rather than really engaging me.

9-I Did Something Bad -  

there is a melody coming out of the chorus that is pretty cool, but while this might be next level shit for Selena Gomez it's mediocre of Swift.

8- Don't Blame Me -

Is marginally more organic by virtue of the blues inflected nature of the chorus - 7

7-Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Not her best work, but more dynamic than half the songs on the album.

6-New Years Day 

As far her ballads go it's a step down from "Haunted'

5-Gorgeous - 

This was the first song I heard from this album after "Look What You Made Me Do" so it was a little bit of a let down on first listen , but it makes more sense in the context of this album.It grew on me a little here.

4-So it Goes 

This colder calculated android love song theme was already established in "Delicate" so it feels like a continuation of that theme.


Has a more minimalist feel with her vocals coated in space age effects, but she vocals weaves around the song well.

2- Look What You Made Me Do 

This song has already spoken for it.

1-...Ready For It 

This song beats out "Look What You Made Me Do" as it is more in your face.

I'll round this up to an 8, which is a big step down for her as "Red" , "Speak Now" and "1989" are all 10s. Hopefully this did into the pop status quo which hear means dumbing things down to blend in with her vapid peers like ...well you know who.The best songs on this album are better than the best songs on Katy Perry's album, but Halsey beats her at the pop game here.

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