Friday, July 16, 2021

Tropical Fuck Storm : "Deep States"

Time to hear if this band is more than just their name. I never stopped to check this band out as I made all sorts of assumptions from their name. They are not the punk band I thought they were. The good news and band news about their sound is that they sound like a happy version of Xiu Xiu. The happy part being the bad news. The second song is poppier , almost more like the Gorillaz, but that works better as the happiness is able to be shone through a more effective filter. Things are a half shade darker on "Blue Beam Baby". The bass line takes up most of the space in a jazz like slink. "Suburbiopia" seems to have less form and function as the female singer takes over in this boozy affair. 

"Bumma Sanger" is about Co-vid, which I suppose many of these songs are reflections on the past year, I do appreciate that lyrically they are not picking a political side. It does lose focus and veers off into a bizarre left turn that has nothing to do with the where they started. The boozy foolishness goes a step further on "the Donkey" which wants to be Tom Waits in some ways, they try to rock out a little more but , it does not really save the song as the singing is somewhat out of key. I am beginning to feel thankful that I only have to make it through three more songs. 

Intentionally shitty production for the intent of creating a more abrasive sound might work when you are writing songs that are good enough to stand on their own. That is not the case. It builds up a little but is just obnoxious more often than not. "New Romeo Agent' is more polished and sung by the woman , but it is also boring. 'Legal Ghost" is plagued by some of the same problems, expect for the fact the dude is singing. Perhaps I need to go give their older shit a listen , but aside from one of the chicks in this band being hot it really is not my thing I do like weird indie rock , but this is not dark enough and they are no where near the musicians that say Minus the Bear or Pinback are, who are two weird indie bands I like though both of them are darker than this I will give it a 6.5,  

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