Sunday, July 25, 2021

Grief Collector : "En Delirium

 All you have to tell me is Robert Lowe is singing and I am there. If you are not educated in metal enough to know that he sings for Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass, then your ability to call yourself a metal head is thus revoked. Riff wise this band is not breaking a great deal of new ground on the first song, but they really do not have to do much but give this man plenty of room to sing. This is more aggressive than his past work. The chug of the riffs have more attack to them.   I am on board for this. The pace picks up on "Our Poisonous Ways" and keeps the pace until the next when it doesn't shift into a darker mood until midway into the song. I like hearing Lowe's voice drop lower for this section. 

They go back into the doom we came here for on "When Sanity Eludes Me" .   Unlike many doom bands they keep hypnotic motion to the songs movement rather than hesitation. There is also not a ton of Black Sabbath worship, sure comparisons can be drawn when things break down into the bass line carrying the groove. That is of course aside form the cover of "Voodoo"  that closes the album, however I feel taking from Dio era Sabbath is more unique that trying to gleam inspiration from the Ozzy years like every one else/.     "10 Days" is more melodic to the point of almost feeling like a power ballad. The song flows very well.  'Misery Mongers' kind of wallows in  slinky darkness until coming together for the more powerful metal of the chorus. Not as catchy as some of the album's melodies, but it sounds great. There is another surreal waltz to " Scorned Heart" which is not the first moment on this album that has reminded of Sanctuary's more moody moments. 

|"Then Comes Darkness" plays it pretty safe in sticking closer to the bound of traditional doom. Once again you get to hear some of his lower range which creates a more effective dynamic. The verses could have a little more hook to them. I do like how the guitar solos is lead in by the flourish of acoustic guitar. You know my thoughts on the Sabbath cover. As for the entire album it might not be Solitude Aeturnus but it scratches that itch. I would say this is going to be a hard doom album to beat this year, but Pallbearer has one on the way. I will give this album a 9.5, putting it at the top of the heap . 

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