Monday, January 18, 2021

Bloody Hammers : "Songs of Unspeakable Terror"


This time they are leaning more into the punk side of their influences and it works much better. It is not total Danzig as the Elvis side of the coin is toned down. The vocals are great and very catchy. I can appreciate how this is married to 80s metal . Or at least the more edgy cock rock side of that. That level of swagger can be felt on the second song. The more punk fueled speed of "Witchfinder General" works for what they are doing but I prefer the more melodic groove of " Not of This Earth" . There is another hooky groove to " the Ones Who Own the Dark".  I guess it goes without saying the lyrics are all horror themed which I am here for. 

The big  gang chorus on "Waking the Dead" is almost too punk for me , but over all the song still works. 'Night of the Witch" is cut from a similar mold. It might be marginally darker and forsakes some of the vocal layers allowing it to fall sonically closer to say Beastmilk.  "We Are the Damned" is a shade happier than most of the other songs on this album. This is forgiven due to the thoughtful vocal melodies. They bring back more of a Tiger Army like punk feel with "the Brain That Wouldn't Die".  They give this song their last caress. When they go into more of a ballad on "Lucifer's Light" it still works. 

The punk edged darker rock retains it's teeth and drive with " I Spit on Your Corpse" . This album is excellent despite pulling heavily from the Misfits at times. I will give it a 9 and see how it grows on me. I used to be on the fence about these guys , but this album won me over for sure. 

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