Monday, January 18, 2021

Notwist : "Vertigo Days"


This is the band's first album in seven years/ I first heard these guys back in 2005.This album is marginally less organic than what I remember from them with more of an emphasis on analog synths .The groove to the second song "Exit  Strategy to myself" is more compelling . It sounds like the plugged in an actual bass to lay down the roots of "Where You Find Me" . The plaintive vocals are smooth, if not emotive. They take subdued approach to the melodies. The grooves are equal parts quirky and subtle. Sonically this album reminds me more of John Vanderslice. There are hooks but not in the in your face infectious manner of pop.

"Ship" brings an almost dance quality with the way the bass line falls under the light cadence of the vocals. Ambiance plays a much larger role for these guys this time around. There is a fragile folk feel to " Loose Ends". This also means there is less to sink your teeth into and the song almost fades into the background. Gone is the indie rock I remember these guys for, but this seems like where their path to grow would have led them. They do allow the instruments to slowly build more of a presence as the song progresses. "Into the Ice Age" kind of coasts along like a jam. There is more of  lazy hippy vibe to  the sluggish dream ballad that is "Oh Sweet Fire" 

There is almost more of a folk vibe to "Sans Soleil" . Where are now getting to the portion of the album where they are settling in to dial in the pleasantries. Granted this is out of my wheel house with the more happy vibes they are given off. There is a more fragile lullaby feel to "Night's Too Dark" . I mean really the only time I would listen to this song is to go to sleep. The more upbeat pulse to "Al Sur" is a much more compelling listen. " Into Love Again" is cool enough it works for a closing song, low key dynamically but this album as a whole is more subdued.  I will give this one a  7.5. 

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