Friday, January 29, 2021

Portrayal of Guilt : "We Are Always Alone"

 It would be easy to think I did not like the spastic style of genres like power violence or grind core. That is not true as this band proves. Their songs can be short bursts of manic energy, but they keep it dark and emotive. They also know how to write a fucking song. The minute and a half opener prove this point for sure How ever they are growing out of the minute and a half format as only 3 of 9 songs follow that format. . On the second song they slow things down and become more deliberate with the heavy and the results are devastating. I have to imagine Converge is a major influence for these guys, along with black metal. Black metal mainly being found in the harsh scowl of the vocals. 

The drumming is great on "A Tempting Pain".  The focal point of the song seems to be more on heavy than emotion so I prefer the first two. "It's Already Over" is dark as fuck and twice as grim. This is how I want my heavy music. This shit is beautifully demented. They continue to slow things with "Masochistic Oath". The vocals are more prominent in the mix on this album and dominate this song. I prefer what does down on the almost sludge like "They Want us all to Suffer". The dig down even deeper into the sludge for "Garden of Despair" before stepping on the blast beats before as heavy as shit hard core gang vocal.  They open up a wider and more melodic sonic spectrum on "My Immolation" . That does not mean they do not get heavy as fuck because they do at the beginning and then go in a welcome new direction from there, it has a more post punk feel, which I am always ok with. 

They bring the more sonic kind of heavy I love going into the last song. They are pretty deliberate using very chilling chord structures.  This is going to be the fucking album to beat this year this shit kicks your face in and is a beautiful dark mess, just what the world needs right now/ I will go ahead and round this one up to a 10 as the parts that did not tug at me right away will grow on me.    

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