Monday, January 25, 2021

The Songs That Made My Life Pt. 2 - 1987 to 1997

This is part two of a series dedicated to the person I re-found  last year that I plan on spending the rest of my life with. I am making this for her, but if you read this blog you can share this with her. She missed out on most of my life despite us first meeting many years ago. Music has always been a huge part of my life. These are the songs that made me who I am today. In many cases they are the first song I heard by these artists. It is interesting as you can hear how for this darker part of my life my taste in music began to shift .  This is not a greatest songs list but rather me sharing my past with my person. So here you go Biscuit this is what my life sounded like before you were really in it. Now listening to my past even sounds better with you in my future. I love you. 

King Diamond -"Abigail"


 Guns N Roses - "Rocket Queen"


Slayer - "South of Heaven"



Janes Addiction -"Ted Just Admit it"


The Cure - "Fascination Street"


 Cocteau Twins - "I Wear Your Ring"

Faith no More- "Be Aggressive"  


Skinny Puppy - "Love In Vein"


 Type O Negative - "We Hate Everyone"


Swans- "Killing For Company"


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