Saturday, January 2, 2021

Heretical Sect :"Rapturous Flesh Consumed"

 It's been a minute since I pressed play on some new death metal . By new out within the past couple of weeks . I think Pulchra Morte was the last one I got excited about. These guys are not too far from the sonic spectrum of that band. More chaotic than Morbid Angel. The bass tone is more fuzzed out, yet more up-tempo and raging than say Incantation. There is a great deal of cavernous darkness to what they are doing . They do go down that more dark and dismal path on the second song. I appreciate the darkness in it's nature , but the song it self is not as compelling as the opener. When things get more atmospheric they do however get more interesting. This is also the longest song at ten minutes so I appreciate their commitment to concise songwriting. 

 By the third song they are focusing more on speed, The guitars buzz in almost more of a black metal manner The way the songs throb also brings this to mind. When they get into the meat of the song it feels more like what you might expect from any of these kinds of occult death metal bands. There is less of a signature. I like the very dark and dissonance sound going into "Degradation Temple". It starts off more death doom and then they blast more to life. This might be the best song so far. There is a weird chain gang doom feel to "Resurrection Sky" . It drones but sounds good doing it. There chanted vocals sung way in back ground. The growl that narrates the song is more articulate so they lyrics stand out. 

There is some cool dissonant creepiness to the guitar that opens up "Ritual Inversion". The blast beats that follow it in , make it sound more like everyday black metal. This album does not fit neatly into one sub genre. The vocals are death metal for sure.  Overall I have really enjoyed this album. I will give it an 8.5. If you are looking for well rounded death metal , not over come by it's need for speed , then this is worth schecking out. 

Rapturous Flesh Consumed by Heretical Sect

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