Friday, July 27, 2018

Soundtrack to the Week

Inspiration comes in many ways. An afternoon spent beside a creek. The look in someone's eyes. With depression I can feel like the energy it takes to write one of these is more than I can muster. In the past I have done the iPod shuffle where I just hit shuffle mode and reviewed the songs that came up. These songs are ones that have provided a soundtrack to my week. They have further inspired other inspirations that perhaps made me feel more alive. Sonic shades reflecting glimpses of beauty perhaps but into better words with in these lyrics. Some of these songs are old some are new, the same can be said of feelings, though looking at them with a fresh set of eyes is just as powerful as going back and re-listening to some of these songs for the first time in years, it re-captures the same magic as leaving notes in lockers in high school.So thanks for the inspiration, I hope the universe allows it to keep coming.

 Type O Negative- "Wolf Moon"


 KMFDM - "Only Lovers"

 Strvngers - "Fetisha"


Pale Waves - "Kiss"


 New Years Day- "Gangsta"


 Curve -"Already Yours"


 The Smiths - "Hand In Glove"


 Blind Melon - "Mouth Full of Cavities"


 This Mortal Coil - "Song to the Siren"


 Die Antwoord- "I Fink U Freeky"


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