Monday, August 29, 2016

Wretch : "s/t"

With roots in the band Gates of Slumber, Wretch takes a more traditional approach to doom. The vocals are melodic falling somewhere in-between St. Vitus and Pentagram. So no Candlemass like soaring just a slightly acid-crazed slant. The songs are about the ravages of drugs and the deaths they lead to. "Rest In Peace" feels a little less inspired than the opener.There is a more jammy stoner rock feel to "Blood Finger". The song really places a lot of emphasis on the guitar solo, which sounds like Toni Iommi fooling around to get warmed up. "Winter" makes better use o their talents by going into a more trippy atmosphere. This album was released last week on Bad Omen Records.

"Icebound" finds the band digging into a heavier groove. They shift the pace in a manner similar to Sabbath, which in this genre is not uncommon. I do have to give this band credit because aside from the guitar solo in "Blood Finger" this is the first moment that has really struck me as being Sabbath inspired. Sure they have taken plenty of notes from bands that worship at the altar of Sabbath, but these guys don't directly rip them off themselves. At minutes this is the longest song on the album, so they are not trying to rock you to sleep with numbing drones. "Gray Cast Mourning" totally fails to catch my attention and breezes by me. They redeem themselves with " Drown" which is perhaps the albums best song. The vocals work best when they are coated in the type of effects used on this song.

If you are looking for ground breaking doom that will sound like nothing else you have ever heard before, then you have come to the wrong place. These guys are good at what they do and this album has some strong moments,  but I own the St. Vitus albums so I would prefer to listen to those when I am in the mood for this sort of thing. That is the key for me you have to fill some sort of sonic void that is not already occupied by a band you did it better the first time around. But I am not a teenager just getting into metal so while I appreciate what these guys do and will give this album a 7.5, I am not going to be wow by it like I might if I was a pot smoking 16 year old.

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