Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cult Values : s/t

This review will more than likely be as quick as the pacing of these songs.Another band who spells the punk in post punk with a capital p. The opening track is as raw and rowdy as you could have from punk. By the second song this shows the band becoming even more reckless. For my money the guitar tone leaves something to be desired. The are the type of rapid shouting you expect from punk. These songs are quick jabs into your ears and you are at the fourth song before you know it. There is really little that is dark or all that post punk they are pretty much just a straight up punk band. It's not until the 6th song that something could be remotely considered post-punk, and even then it just sound more like punk used to sound when the bands cared about song writing in it's early days.

Maybe it's having songs title things like "Nothing Here But Ghosts" that made someone try to think of these guys as post-punk. The guitar tone really gets on my nerve by the time we get to "Jump Ship" the back vocals sound like dog barking from across the street. The songs begin to sound the same until they sing a little more on the chorus to "Stones". The last song just blasted by in a rapid jangle never catching my attention. I'll round this album up to a 5, even though it's generally not my kind of punk rock , these guys have their moments here and there. If you do not care about song writing and just want some obnoxious new punk then here you are ,go get drunk.

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