Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Possessor : " Dead By Dawn"

This is an interesting fusion of styles the thrash gallop is very deliberate on the opening track and the distorted vocals sound like they are being casually spit out through a megaphone. There are some screamed accents towards the end as the song gains momentum, but the emphasis is on making songs. A bass drives "Scorpion Swamp" which is a rawer song. The guitar sounds more like a buzz saw in the back with the drums sitting up front. It sounds like some one just threw a microphone into their practice space. There is a more rock n roll feel to "Beneath the Chapel". The vocals continue to stay in this distorted narration that comes close to singing . It's almost a little too upbeat for me and has me hoping that this album begins to go in a darker direction.

"Without Warning " almost sounds like Helmet. These guys are really all over the place and no where near as heavy as the tags on their Bandcamp page would have you believe. The bass hits a pretty heavy rumble on this song, but it's Helmet heavy not metal heavy. "Slaughter High" puts this closer in the direction of Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats. The chorus of the song is a little dumb, but over all the song works more often than not.The way the cymbals ring out on "Terror Tripping" are an indication of the rather lo-fi production at work here. They over power the guitar.They song is not as inspired as the ones before it. There is an almost Slayer like groove that develops over this song, making one of the albums heavier songs.

The thrashy into to "Midnight' turns into a very 90's metal stomp. The fact it's an instrumental makes it a little heavier. There is more of a pounding rock feel barreling into "The Curse of the Hearse". It does feel like something the Melvins might do in one of their more up-beat moments. I am a little disappointed in the fact the opening song led me to believe this album was going to be heavier than it was so I'll give this one a 7.5.

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