Saturday, August 27, 2016

Volur : "Disir"

This trio from Canada, replaces guitar with distorted violin.They are darker and somewhat leaning towards being a doom band even though the opening song is more mid-tempo. The vocals split the difference between the ales bassist and the female violinist. They do have a unique sound, though I did space out a little during the violin solo of the first song. Which when I tuned back in had to give credit to her a using the instrument to replicate a guitar tone to the point of me thinking for a second it was a guitar solo I was tuning out. I am unsure why they released this album back in June and I am just now starting to hear a tiny bit of buzz about it.

 They keep the atmosphere thick going into the long and winding "the Deep Minded". The bass mainly drives this one. The violin solo on this one sounds more like a violin solo. I am however confused as to why people are saying they blend elements of classical music into their sound. So to set the record straight, just because you have violin it doesn't mean you are playing classical music.Even the more scenic interlude "White Phantom" is not classical music, post-rock or slo-core played with a violin. The fourteen minute closer is good background music. It feels like Dead Can Dance being merged with east European folk music. It's hard not to drone out to it. I'll give this album an 8.5, though if you are really into instrumentals you might round it up to a 9. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future, I would like to hear them in a heavier and more song focused mood, but I totally appreciate this for what it is. If I still did drugs I would get a lot more play time out of this.

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