Friday, August 26, 2016

Ketch : "The Anthems of Dread'

I am not going to paint these guys as the most original band ever. They play dark and dirty metal. The vocals have the expected scowl to them. I would even go to say they are death metal that is rooted in 2016 and rough around the edges. They have the attack of a sludge band. When they hit you it has some weight to it. The vocals often snarl with a feral intensity. Many of these qualities are pretty much what you expect from a metal band these days. "En Nomine Eius" finds them getting deeper into the mire of death metal and capturing some powerful grooves along the way. They ride a more fluid riff on "Monsters of this World" that once again proves that they care about the song and are not just trying to bowl you over with the sheer weight of their sound.

There is more atmosphere to the interlude that leads into the last song. At nine minutes this is the longest song on the album, but considering what I have heard this week, it's almost pop format for a metal band these days.I forgot these guys were from Colorado until I glanced back at their Bandcamp page. I suppose I can see an influx of metal bands coming from there considering the current state of pot. These guys are expansive in their thinking when it comes to metal. Like I said at the beginning of this review, I am not going to convince you that they are the most original band, but they have created on of the smoothest death metal albums I have heard in a minute. By smooth I do not mean that it's over produced, it's actually pretty dense. Smooth here means that the songs roll through you like liquid. I'll give this album an 8.5. Not sure if it will make the old iPod, but it's a solid listen that I enjoyed. If you knew how many bands I get a few songs in and decide "I just can't do this any more " you may or may not be surprised.

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