Thursday, August 18, 2016

Grimrig : " Night Be My Grave"

It's come down to me scouring the internet for funeral doom since too much time has passed for any to cross my path. So I found this project from Finland. I was not expecting the female vocals that came in at the two minute mark. This project has the atmosphere down I think the only thing that keeps this from being totally stellar is the production could be fuller. For this brand of doom, I need the guitars to hold more weight sonically. The drums are almost not there and I understand this is one dude handling everything, but the fall back is if you are committing this to album investing in a studio drummer would be worth it in the long run. The mournful quality however is dialed in. The female vocals remind me of the days when the Gathering was once upon a time a metal band.

The growled vocals are one of the best recorded aspects of this album. I find myself listening to how this was put together rather than the songs. This drones along the same pattern for the bulk of the songs' nine minutes. So this is far from Mournful Congregation, but the female vocals do make up for some of it. "From the Depths" might be the best song on the album due to the more sonically oppressive atmosphere. The females vocals however don't sound quite as sure of themselves with the melody chosen, the low croak of male vocals beneath them works well. This song doesn't strike me as crawling until the last minute, so the time is used fairly wisely.I' ll give this album an 8. Only three songs, not something that makes me crave more, but there are some unique enough elements that raise it above the level of your average funereal doom release.

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