Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Olddwrvms : " Ignobilis"

Can you believe everything you read on the internet? Can you believe anything ? Questions raised when going into this album after reading how this band made people feel like they were on drugs. As some one who has done more than their fair share of drugs, this is a pretty tall order since the bar has been raised pretty high. I own "Souls At Zero", so if that is what you are throwing at me, we are going to need to do better than that. The clean vocals that lead off the verse are an improvement to the dynamics of that formula. Fans of newer Tombs will certainly appreciate where this band is heading on the first song as long as you are not too tied to Tombs more black metal side. But even with the bit of atmosphere at the end, I don't feel like I'm on drugs.

For "Amongst the Pines" things stay dark and melodic almost down to a more Katatonia level. What sounds to be a sample of a witch's monologue breaks up the jammy wandering . It never develops into an actual song, but rides a groove for 11 minutes. They get back to more of a sonic sludge based style of heaviness on "Scorn" . The vocals feel like a more depressed version of Pink Floyd to me. This is not to say it vaults this band into being the trippiest thing ever. I like how this is very dark, but more melodic than most sludge bands. At times it can make me zone away from the song because it's so droning of a riff on "Hear them Sing While they Burn". The harsher vocals fall in line with what is expected of sludge. The clean sung vocals return and add to the atmosphere.

These guys are dark atmosphere sludge, which there is certainly nothing wrong with at all. I think these guys are good at what they do, the pulse of their playing ca take precedence over actually writing songs, but they capture some cool sounds that I would like to hear more molded into something a little more mature from a song writing perspective, because at the end of the day even Syd era Floyd was about the songs. I'll give this an 8.5.

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