Saturday, August 20, 2016

Malevich :"Only the Flies"

Here is a band from Atlanta I've never heard of until today. This must mean they mainly play house shows and warehouse parties.  Right from the first song you can hear that this band's strength is not when they are at full blast ahead , but laying back to let the song breath even amid the screaming. The wrestle with chaos at risk of sacrificing the songs. The angular groove sometimes provide redemption. But like most grind-core the songs are so short there is not much time to develop them into anything. The roaring seems to be at random on "Always, Loss". "Le Tout Bas" finds them slowing into an more hellish out atmosphere with vocals that sound like they are being tossed into the lake of fire. The drummer have the right amount of hesitation for the first three and a half minutes before they begin building this into something almost like indie rock. This makes the metal chug to come much more effective.

I find myself drifting away from the album as it fades into disjointed noise, until I am pulled back in for "Moult". It seems this song has more purpose. At six minutes it's the album's second longest song. There is an explosion of mathy hard core on "Disassociated". There are some more spasms after this. The album closes with the longest song "Death Will Never Be Enough". It finds the band slowing into a more doom like pace.

I'll give this album a 6.5, they have potential but need to grow into the awareness of where there strengths are as a band, I think if they head into the direction of a darker sludge tinged hardcore, they could really become more comfortable with themselves. The angular side and the glimpse of atmospheric indie rock we got could even be explored more if they headed in this direction. For what it is if you are looking for new grind core this is still worth your time.

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