Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Apologies, I Have None : "Pharmacie"

If you are British it's ok to have a poppier take on punk. You accent and attitude will make it all work out in the end. This is the first lesson we are learning from the opening track of this band's new album. By pop punk think more Brand New than Blink 182. "Wraith" is more introspective and explodes in a manner than expresses aggression in a way that darkens back to Myspace ...in other words bordering on emo. But it is darker so that makes up for it. There is more atmosphere to "The Clarity of Morning". Another song where they benefit from their accents. The lyrics are really great not only to this song, but the whole album so far. In some ways this band reminds me of Glasvegas, slightly less bleeding of their heart strings and more self loathing. "Anything Chemical " creeps out of the previous song. This is a concept album that doesn't try to tell as story as much as it explores mental health and the stigmas. Around the two minute mark the song hits the most conventional pop punk moment thus far.

They do not let themselves linger in more ballad like moment for long. "Goodbye, Piece of Mind" may not be a song for those of you who have to be rocked out at all moment of your day, but it has an interesting display of emotive dynamics."Crooked Teeth" breaks this trend and wallows in it's thoughtful quandary. More tension is built going into "Every One Wants to Talk About Mental Health". This is one of the album's most powerful lyrical moments. The song finds the band giving into their more explosive side. The punk stirred up here is parred with a more post-rock sonic quality on "It's Never the Words You Say".  This is pounded out in the normal post- hardcore manner. They back off again for "Killers". It swells into a more sonically robust place. They close the album with a more uptempo song that kinda rides the middle road.I'll round this up to a 9.5 and see how it grows on me. It slightly loses it's steam toward the end, but the album's strength are the lyrics and honesty of the music.


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